Essencial (White Wood) Candle Lamps

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About this item

  • 【Scent Your Home to Perfection in Minutes】 The Cozyberry candle warmer melts the candle from the top down, releasing stronger and cleaner fragrance that lasts twice as long as burning. Double the value of your candle simply by warming rather than burning.
  • 【Keep Your House Safe From Fire】 18,600 house fires are caused by candle fire in the US each year. Say Good Bye to indoor flames, smoke, and soot. Safely enjoy your favorite candles fire-free with our lamp style candle melter.
  • 【High-Quality Apuan Alps Marble Base】 Cozyberry candle warmers are engineered to last long. You value quality materials, so do we. Notably, the marble candle warmer’s base is built from beautiful marble stones mined from Apuan Alps, Italy.
  • 【Perfect for Sleep Light】 Create the perfect mood by easily adjusting your lamp's brightness with the built-in dimmer switch. The color temperature of the halogen light (50-Watt Bulb Included) is a magical 2800k, similar to most night lamps.
  • 【Beautiful Home Decor】 An elegant design is at the heart of every Cozyberry product to complement your surroundings. Gift your family, friends, and Mostly Yourself with Cozyberry's highest-rated candle heater.
  • Color: White Wood

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